Natural Skincare Products

Rose Petal


The natural scent of a rose is not only beautiful but also known to be a great antidepressant and aphrodisiac!

All of our bath bombs are handmade with Dead Sea salt!  We use Dead Sea salt because it has a high content of salts and minerals that are claimed to be essential for the body, thus it cleanses and draws out impurities from the skin.  In addition to detoxifying the body, Dead Sea salt aids in treating eczema and psoriasis, can prevent illness, has anti-aging properties, relaxes and restores tired achy muscles, improves blood circulation which promotes healing and renewal.

To Use:  Drop in warm bath water.  Enjoy the fizzle, natural essence, and relaxion!  

Ingredients:  Dead Sea salt, Red rose buds, Organic rose fragrance oil, Olive oil, Baking soda, Corn starch, Citric Acid, Water.


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