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My Story

Hi, my name is Allison Stannard and I am the creator of ALo Naturals!

My curiosity with skincare products began a few years ago when I lived in the desert.  It was so dry that I used to apply lotion all over my body numerous times per day.  After awhile, I thought that I should know what I was applying to my skin so frequently, so I began to read the labels of the products I was using.  I realized that I was putting a ton of harsh chemicals on my skin multiple times a day!  I began doing research on those harsh ingredients and the human body. I learned that many of the harsh chemicals that are used in skincare products get soaked directly into our bloodstream as we apply them to our skin. These chemicals have been known to cause many diseases in people, including numerous types of cancers.  As I realized that most of the products I used were filled with chemicals, I looked for an alternative.

I searched everywhere for natural and organic skincare products.  In reading the labels on those, I learned that there are still harsh chemicals in most products that claim to be organic.

The only way I could think to not expose myself to all of those harsh chemicals, was to learn how to make my own skincare products so that I would know exactly what was going into them.  From there, it struck a huge curiosity in me and I began doing extensive research on a ton of raw ingredients.  I looked for the locations in the world where each ingredient was naturally grown so that I could get the most pure forms of them to incorporate into my own products.  During my research, I learned that not only am I avoiding nasty cancer causing chemicals but the natural ingredients I am using are also extremely abundant in many vitamins and other nutrient rich ingredients which benefit us in a lot of healthy ways!

I began creating body butter first as an alternative to harmful lotions.  I did a ton of research and performed a lot of trial and error until I was able to arrive at just the right formula.  Once I accomplished my goal of creating a healthy way to moisturize and nourish my skin, I shared it with my family and friends as I wanted to keep them safe and healthy as well.  I then realized that many people appreciated the theory behind my creations and loved the way these natural products made their skin feel, so I thought I should share my discovery of health & happiness with the rest of the world!  I hope you all enjoy my naturally nourishing products as much as myself and my friends and family have :)

I didn't know it at the time but the body butter was only the beginning of my creation of a whole line of natural, healthy products to come!  Always be on the look out for more new products arriving!  There are always more in the works!

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