About ALo Naturals

A note from the founder:

I began making all natural skincare products in 2011.  At the time, I was working as a professional dancer and performer on the Las Vegas Strip and touring around the world.  While performing was always my first love, I quickly became fascinated with the science behind natural skincare and herbology.  

While living in a dry climate and constantly wearing show makeup for 13 years, I knew I needed to find an alternative to all of the toxins I was applying to my skin on a daily basis so I began to search store shelves for cleaner and healthier products.  I soon realized that most of the skincare products which claimed to be natural were, in fact, not natural.  That is when I began to do my own research.  I started basic, with a few ingredients and learned how to make them into a 100% purely natural body butter.  I just loved it and became so fascinated with learning and researching each individual ingredient and all of the amazing benefits associated with each plant-based ingredient.  Soon, my friends and family started to notice a difference in the appearance of my skin and began asking me if I would make some for them.  I was, of course, delighted to!  As time went on, I had many requests from people wanting to purchase my products, and so ALo Naturals was born.  

I began small, selling to friends and family.  Soon, I had a few requests from local juice shops and other health businesses who wanted to sell my products.  I would continue to fill orders as I returned to the US in between tours.  In 2016, I decided to retire from performing and move to my husband's home town of Saint Simons Island, Georgia.  It was then that I decided to go full-time with ALo Naturals and opened my first brick and mortar location.  I have since moved to a second location on SSI, now calling 265 Redfern Village the home of ALo Naturals!  You can find my products in my storefront, on my website, as well as in six different states in the US.  I look forward to continuing to grow my small business and share my love for healthy and natural products with other like minds around the world!