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You GLOW girl! March 13 2019, 0 Comments

Do you want that natural, healthy glow that has people asking what you've been doing to your skin?  I thought so. ;)  Try adding our Facial Toner to your skincare routine.  It's like magic!  It helps reduce puffiness, redness, wrinkles, and leaves skin with a refreshed glow.  It is nice and light so it can be applied over or under makeup.  I love applying it to a clean face first thing in the morning to get my puffy face under control.  Also great at night after I wash my face to let it set in all night while getting beauty sleep. ;)  Personally, I think I get the most full benefits when it is applied to a clean face but if I'm hot and sweaty or tired during the day and just need a little pick me up, I spray it on right over makeup for a little wake up!

If you want a good deep cleanse for your face before your natural glow, try our Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask!  It is definitely a favorite for people.  I enjoy using the two products together which is why I created the Face Kit.  It comes with the Mud Mask, Bamboo Application Brush for mask, Flax Wash Cloth to clean mud off, Facial Toner for glow, and Canvas Toiletry Bag.  As always, all of our products are small batch, all natural, chemical and cruelty free!  Get glowing, girl! 

Brand New Face Kit! March 06 2018, 0 Comments

Brand new to our line of organic skincare products is our Face Kit.  Comprised of two of our best sellers, our Face Kit comes complete with a 2oz Facial Toner, 4oz Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask, Application Brush, Flax Wash Cloth, and a Canvas Toiletry Bag.  These products compliment one another perfectly in helping to extract dirt and toxins from the pores as well as tighten and tone.  They aid in reducing puffiness, redness, wrinkles, and leave your skin feeling refreshed, clean, and youthful.

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