Hello Miami! May 06 2019, 1 Comment

If you are currently located in Miami, I'm excited to announce that my products are now available at The VIVe Hydration!  They are a brand new IV therapy business located in the Arts District in Miami, FL.  The VIVe is now open for business and carrying some of our top selling all natural skincare items!  Their selection includes Body Butter, Dead Sea Salt Scrub, Bath Bombs, Facial Toner, and Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask!


Wondering what IV therapy is?  Also known as Intravenous Therapy, it is the infusion of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, amino acids, and fluids directly into the bloodstream for immediate absorption, providing fast relief for a number of ailments.  Go check them out and pick your favorite VIVe combo to get feeling your healthiest YOU!

Hydrate your body inside and out with their great IV therapy selection and our organic skincare products!  Together, we'll have looking and feeling forever young!


To book your appointment today, call 786-238-7735.  Check out their selections at www.thevivehydration.com.  In addition to the storefront, you can also find them at the Coconut Grove Saturday Organic Market.


The VIVe Hydration + Therapy

3616 NE 2nd Ave. Unit B

Miami, FL 33137