You asked for it, so I made it!

Give The People What They Want!  One of your favorite products now comes in a larger size!  The beloved, Facial Toner!  Yes, that's right.  You can now purchase your Facial Toner in a 2oz or 4oz size.  

Why use ALo Naturals Facial Toner?  It is 100% natural, chemical free & cruelty free.  It is packed full of wonderful vitamins and minerals formulated to reduce puffiness, redness, and wrinkles.  It helps fight the effects of aging, acne, scaring, and weathered skin.  Our Toner reduces signs of eczema, reduces oil, and seals in moisture.   It is nice and light, and so refreshing, leaving your face looking refreshed and revitalized!  And men, it makes a great aftershave helping to eliminate ingrown hairs and razor bumps!

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