Top 7 Reasons To Use Soy Candles Over Paraffin Candles

1.  Soy candles are all natural:  They are made from vegetable oil (soy beans) rather than regular paraffin candles which are made from petroleum oil.  

 2.  Soy candles are better for the environment:  Since soy candles are made from vegetable oil and not petroleum they do not increase the CO2 level in the atmosphere like paraffin candles and are therefore better for the environment!

 3.  Soy candles are better for your health:  Soy wax burns cleaner, producing 90% less soot than paraffin wax and releases no known carcinogens, which reduces the amount of indoor air pollution significantly. 

 4.  Soy candles burn 50% longer:  Although soy candles can seem more expensive they burn cleaner and slower than paraffin giving you twice the burn time!  

 5.  Soy candles are sustainable:  Unlike paraffin, soy is a renewable resource so try to look for local brands made with soy.  Soy is a more sustainable resource so if you buy soy candles you are promoting better environmental practices.

 6.  Soy candles burn cleaner:  Soy produces 90% less soot than paraffin keeping the build up of emissions in your home significantly less.  Soot can discolor your walls, build up in your upholstery fabrics and in carpets affecting the air quality in your home.   

 7.  Soy candles have a stronger scent:  Soy produces a stronger and more pleasant scent than paraffin wax because of the lower melting point.  When a soy candle burns it makes a larger pool around the wick which allows the essential oils to evaporate into the air.


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