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This beautiful mandala is white, pink, green, blue, and black and is about 6 feet in diameter.  It can be used as a beach blanket, picnic blanket, wall hanging, table cloth, cover-up, shall, throw blanket, yoga towel, meditation cloth, or whatever your heart desires.  So pick out your favorite patterns and start getting creative!  All of these have white fringe and are 100% cotton.  

The word, mandala is Sanskrit for, circle.  It is a spiritual symbol representing the Universe often exhibiting radial balance and is used as a guidance tool for establishing a sacred space. :)

Product details: Round in shape, about 6 feet in diameter, 100% cotton, white cotton tassels, hand wash, hang to dry.  *Being that our mandalas are handmade it is normal to have some slight imperfections which make each and every one unique and one of a kind.